Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Gardening is one of the oldest arts followed by countries and people across different cultures and societies. More and more people are taking up gardening as a hobby. Normally residential gardening is done by the owner of the house. Public gardening is done by professional gardeners and gardening architects. Residential gardeners should go for smaller gardens as the maintenance becomes relatively easy and the maintenance costs are within limits. Smaller gardens also take up less time and energy. You need to take special care of your garden, no matter how big or small it is. After all who would not like to see a well maintained garden when they visit your house? The sight of a beautiful garden is definitely a tourist's delight.

As mentioned before small gardens are preferable by residential owners. However a small garden comes with its own set of hassles. The space is quite less in a small garden and hence the small garden becomes minutely filled with the desired plants of the owner. The plants in a small garden grow close to each other and so it is necessary to take proper care of the plants and keep them safe from pests.

You should see to it that the soil of the garden is suitable for the plants that you would like to grow. Also see to it that all your plants get sufficient sunlight and regular watering of the plants is done. Before giving a shape to your garden jot down all your ideas on a piece of paper. Then hire a professional gardener who will help you further on your ideas. You can even tell the gardener to do the gardening for you in the initial stages and then you can take over. Always remember that plants need your love and care, a neglected garden is not a treat to watch at all. It also reflects on your personality as people often say that if the garden is so unkempt, how the owner will be.

Even an experienced gardener has to keep himself abreast of all gardening tips and techniques of gardening in order to expand his knowledge about the same. The tips for maintenance become a little different for indoor and outdoor gardening but the basics remain the same. You should also refer to a lot of information in the gardening books and also visit gardening websites to keep your gardening information up to date and find more such valuable gardening tips.

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